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Gopalganj city is district headquarter of Gopalganj District, which assumes an important place for being one of the largest producers of sugarcane and high quality tobaccos in our country. This fact is sufficient to tell us that Gopalganj city is district headquarters of one of the important industrial regions of our country. But this is just one of the many virtues that this city holds. The other distinct virtues of this city will come forth to us by exploring its history, geography and other important aspects. These aspects or facets have been covered in absolute detail in below paragraphs, wherein you’ll find almost all the information about Gopalganj city.

About Gopalganj
Durga Mata Temple, Thawe, Gopalganj

History of Gopalganj

The history of Gopalganj is closely linked with Saran district, of which it was a part till 1973. But there are some historical accounts that are only unique to Gopalganj, which are actually absolutely worth mentioning. During Vedic period the region is believed to have been under the reign of Janaka Kingdom that was based in present day Nepal. This kingdom is known more popularly as ‘kings of Videha’. It was one of the greatest kingdoms during Vedic age. This is testified by the fact that Janaka Kingdom finds mention in many Vedic scriptures – including in scriptures of Mahabharata and Ramayana. However, not much is known about the actual state of Gopalganj under this kingdom. Except the fact that many temples came into being during Janaka Kingdom’s rule. Some of these historical temples are still dotting the landscape of Gopalganj region. Another very unique and noteworthy thing about Gopalganj’s history is that it gave birth to many freedom movements against Britishers. In fact Gopalganj was hotbed of many political movements even after India’s independence. To give an example, the famous J P movement started in 1974 by famous leader Jayaprakash Narayan had found roaring support in Gopalganj region.

Geography of Gopalganj

The total area of Gopalganj District is 2033 km. It is located at 26.47°North and 84.43°East. Speaking about natural resources, then this district has abundance of it. Be its rich flora that is scattered across the district through expansive mangroves, thousands of trees and plants or be its fertile soil that is helping in sustain agricultural sector or be few important rivers that passes through this district. As for climate is concerned, then climate here is mostly dry and humid. Though it receives more than moderate rainfall during monsoon season and also average temperature does dip down considerably during winter season.

Administration in Gopalganj

Administration in GopalganjJust all other prominent cities, even Gopalganj’s administration is looked after by many local administrative bodies and able administrator. Here is some brief information about them. To begin with, we’ll shed some light on Gopalganj Municipal Council or Gopalganj Nagar Parishad. This is the only municipal council in entire Gopalganj District. Like all other municipal council, it looks after basic civic amenities like sanitation, healthcare services maintenance of street light etc. The current executive officer of Gopalganj Nagar Parishad is Sri Manoj Kumar Pawan.Moving to other important administrators, then we’ve all important District Collector, who along with his hierarchy of administrative team looks into various administrative issues. Gopalganj city falls in Gopalganj subdivision, which is one of the only two sub divisions of Gopalganj district. Gopalganj subdivision is then further divided into various blocks.

Shri Krishna Mohan – District Magistrate: (06156) 226001, 226002
Jai Narayan Jha - Additional Collector: (06156) 224673, 224647
Sri Manoj Kumar Pawan - Executive Officer, Gopalganj Nagar Parishad: 9934434878, 9470488471.

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Economy of Gopalganj

Being a district headquarter city, Gopalganj city is obviously the most economically developed city of the district. However, in terms of revenue collection and annual GDP growth rate it is still far, far behind other leading cities like Patna, Muzaffarpur and Gaya. Speaking specifically about dominant sectors, then steady urbanization has certainly helped in making service sector very self sufficient, but large part of service sector is still largely unorganized and unregulated. This glaring disadvantageous fact cost the local economy a lot in terms of revenue and tax collection. Moving to other important sectors, then traditional agricultural sector is still one of the important pillars of Gopalganj’s economy. Though urbanization may have taken some sheen out of this traditional sector, but it is still a pivotal sector for generating and sustaining sizeable employment.

Now coming to industrial sector, which is supposed to be one of the emerging sectors of this region. This is mainly thanks to huge sugar mills located in outskirts of the city. During last few decades these mills have singlehandedly propelled Gopalganj region amongst highest producers of sugar in the country. Below are names and addresses of some of the leading sugar mills operating in and around Gopalganj city.

Vishnu Sugar Mills LTD
Address: P.O - Vishnu Sugar Mills, Gopalganj - 841 428
Phone no: 06156-224611/224828/224607

Upper Ganges Sugar & Industries Limited
Address: P.O. Sidhwalia, District – Gopalganj, Pin : 841 428
Phone no: 91 – 06275 – 258234 / 258294

Bharat Sugar Mills
Address: Sidhwalia, Gopalganj, Bihar – 841423
Phone no: 06151-285425, 9431812407

Tourism in Gopalganj

Gopalganj tourism
Bagalamukhi Temple near Gopalganj

Since time immemorial Gopalganj region has been home to huge number of temples. Today some of these temples have become celebrated destinations and evoke immense religious fervor amongst devotees and general people alike.

Maa Durga Temple at Thawe: This celebrated temple is located at nearby Thawe town, which is located just 6 - 7 kms away from city of Gopalganj. Since time immemorial this temple has enjoyed iconic status and is one of important the spiritual focal points of Gopalganj District. There many popular folklores and myths about origin of this temple, but everything of that become absolutely immaterial once you step inside spiritual realm of this temple.

Lakri Dargah: This is unarguably the most famous Muslim tomb or Daragh of Gopalganj District. It is located in a village that has been named after this daragh itself. This fact should tell you about importance of this dargah and how much it means to local people here. To tell you more about this daragh, it is dedicated to local saint Shah Arzan, who was contemporary of Mughal emperor Aurangazeb. His humanistic teachings and sacrifices he did for people have become popular folklore of this village.

Bagalamukhi Temple: This temple is one of the most famous Shakti Peetha of goddesses Bagalamukhi in Bihar state. Although this temple was inaugurated only in 2007, but in less than one decade it has become one of the most sacred destinations of Gopalganj District. This is largely owing to the fact that Gopalganj District never ever had dearth of adherent followers of goddesses Bagalamukhi, who throng to this temple everyday in huge numbers. This temple is, however, located near Kuchaikote village, which is 15 kms away from Gopalganj city.

Historical fort at Husepur: This historical fort was built during period of famous Hathwa kingdom or Hathwa Raj. However, among locals of Bihar it is more popularly known as Maharajas of Hathwa. Coming back to fort, then today it is laying in absolute ruin, but this hasn’t diminished its historical significance in any way. Besides, very near to this fort is 14 small mounds, which are equally worth visiting.

Healthcare Services in Gopalganj

Although there does exist serious infrastructure deficiencies in healthcare services, but all the basic healthcare services are quite easily fulfilled here. Though there is not a single multi specialty or super specialty hospital in Gopalganj city, but the existing hospitals are just good enough to perform general operations or surgeries. The most trusted hospital of the city is Sadar Hospital, which is a government owned hospital. Now coming to more positive side of Gopalganj’s healthcare services. The positive side being that this city has no dearth of chemist shops and general physicians. This positive fact is what prompted us to claim in beginning of this paragraph that all basic healthcare services in Gopalganj are quite easily fulfilled.

Sadar Hospitals
Gopalganj, Bihar, India

Doctor Shristi Saumya Hospital
Kamla RAI College Road, Gopalganj Ho, Gopalganj - 841428, Infront Of Nirakshan Bhawan

Transport in Gopalganj

Starting with local transportation, then this critical responsibility is squarely taken over by auto rickshaws. Though this responsibility has become kind of a burden, as existing number of auto rickshaws are far lesser than their actual demand. Furthermore, complete absence of alternate local transportation services like cab service or city bus services only makes this burden even more unbearable. Moving to connectivity, then railway services play a very pivotal role here. Here we obviously intend to talk about Gopalganj Railway station. Though it is not a junction and is directly connected to very few stations, but still holds immense importance among local commuters. Some of the important stations that are directly connected to Gopalganj station are Chappra and Thawe Junction. Thawe Junction, which is located just 5 kms away from Gopalganj, is another very important railway station.

Gopalganj at a glance

Coordinates: 26.47°N 84.43°E
Country: India
State: Bihar
District: Gopalganj
Elevation: 66 m (217 ft)
Languages: Bhojpuri, Hindi
Time zone: IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN: 841428
Lok Sabha constituency: Gopalganj
Vidhan Sabha constituency: Gopalganj

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