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Utility Services in Gopalganj

Being a City Headquarter of district, Gopalganj city is well equipped in terms of utility services . This obviously implies that banking, postal and other basic in this city must be far more efficient than in most of other cities and towns of the Gopalganj District. While this fact is certainly true, but when we compare Gopalganj utility services with services of other leading cities like Patna or Muzaffarpur, then story is all together different. This is to say that story isn’t very bright or pleasant. To know more about this below is comprehensive and detailed information about each and every utility service operating in Gopalganj city.

Healthcare Services in Gopalganj

Gopalganj depicts a very mixed picture on the front of healthcare services. Because while it certainly fulfills all the basic healthcare services, it though doesn’t boost needed infrastructure to fulfill modern and critical healthcare services like complicated operations/surgeries. This infrastructural deficiency, as is very obvious, pertains to sheer lack of good number of well equipped hospitals in entire city. Clearly implying that all existing hospitals still has lot of catching up to do in improving their infrastructure. In fact we’d say that this city is in dire need of a multi or super specialty hospital for changing the course of its healthcare services. As for which is the most popular and trusted hospital as of today, then it is Sadar hospital, which is a government owned hospital.

Healthcare Services in Gopalganj
Hospitals in Gopalganj

Now coming to other side of healthcare services, which has more positive and pleasant picture to present. Here we’re obviously talking about basic healthcare services like chemist shops and general doctors, which as we’d told earlier that they are quite easily fulfilled. To put it in more simple words, today Gopalganj city has no shortage at all of chemist shops or general doctors.

Doctor Shristi Saumya Hospital
Address: Kamla RAI College Road, Infront Of Nirakshan Bhawan, Gopalganj Ho, Gopalganj - 841428
Phone no: +(91)-9507723719

Local Transportation in Gopalganj

Gopalganj’s local transportation solely and squarely relies upon auto rickshaws, which are currently plying in just about decent numbers. While as of today these decent number of auto rickshaws are duly taking care of transportation services, they may though struggle to do so in near future. This is obviously to say that their numbers ought to be increased in coming years. And this is the only way to go to bring further improvement in local transportation. This we’re saying because in current scenario it is looking highly unlikely that full fledged city bus service or cab service will be introduced in near future.

Banking Services in Gopalganj

Banking in Gopalganj
Banking in Gopalganj

Banking services in Gopalganj had never experienced such good days as it is experiencing day. To give you better idea about this, we’d just like to bring names of some of the banks operating here. State Bank of India, ICICI Bank, Canara Bank, Punjab National Bank, HDFC Bank, Union Bank of India and Bank of Baroda. These banks need no introduction at all. Today each of them is a recognized leader in Indian banking sector. Therefore it is not very hard to imagine how their decade long presence must have redefined the local banking services in Gopalganj city. However, to put their impact more specifically, then all that we can say is that today people of Gopalganj enjoy pretty same modern banking services that citizens in urban cities like Mumbai and Delhi are enjoying.

Canara Bank
Address: District Board Chowk Gopalganj-841828
Phone no: 06156-22 8248
IFSC Code : CNRB0002310

Central Bank Of India
Address: AT - Yadavpur Rd, Gopalganj, Bihar
Phone no: (06156) 224648
IFSC Code: CBIN0280037

Punjab National Bank
Address: Changokhla Rd, Gopalganj, Bihar - 841428
Phone no: 06156-224991
IFSC Code:PUNB0393800

Union Bank Of India
Address: Janta Cinema Complex, Phooldev Babu Marg, Main Road, Gopalganj, Bihar - 841428
Phone no: 06156-228209
IFSC code: UBIN0556726

Safety and Security in Gopalganj

Gopalganj is an headquarter city and therefore its safety and security obviously assumes lot of importance. Police stations have been placed at few of the strategic locations of the city to ensure that Gopalganj citizens live completely safe and secure life. Besides, police stations have also been placed in all the important adjoining towns. Speaking about law and order situations here, then over last one decade serious organized crimes like kidnapping, extortion etc have certainly come down. hence as of today law and order situation is pretty stable.

Gopalganj Police Station Police Station: (0612) 2242553,

Postal Services in Gopalganj

While courier services are very popular here, but government owned India post still holds the dominant market share. Their market share, however, has declined quite significantly over the years. And if in coming years few more courier companies open up their office here, then their market share and popularity will come under even more pressure. But just for a moment if we keep aside all the future predications about courier services and focus on existing quality of postal services. Then it can be said with absolute certainty that today Gopalganj city is completely self sufficient on the front of postal and courier services.

DTDC Courier & Cargo Ltd
address: Yadopur Road, Below Canara Bank, Gopalganj Ho, Gopalganj - 841428
Phone no: +(91)-9471038937, 9431255244

Overnite Express Ltd
Address: Yadopur Road, Opposite Canara Bank, Gopalganj Ho, Gopalganj - 841428
Phone no: +(91)-9771887255, 9304189775

Blazeflash Couriers Limited
Address: Shishu Smnthi Market, Near SBI ATM, Vanu Cinema Road, Gopalganj Ho, Gopalganj - 841428
Phone no: +(91)-9006529843

Blue Dart
Address: Bharat Mobile Building, Janta Cinema Road, Near Kali Mandir And Bihar Machinery, Gopalganj Ho, Gopalganj - 841428
Phone no: +(91)-8294672502, 9835225336

LPG and Petrol Pumps in Gopalganj

Fuel Supply in Gopalganj
Petrol Pump

Good network of petrol pumps exists all throughout Gopalganj city and equally there is no dearth of gas agencies in the city. This city, in other words, is today pretty much standing on its feet when it comes to energy needs. For many decades now petrol crisis and LPG crisis has become pretty much alien concept here. And in all likelihood they will continue to be so even in distant future.

Giri Petroleum
Address: Village Bharkuiyan, Gopalganj Ho, Gopalganj – 841428
Phone no: +(91)-9430877644

Gopalganj Service Station
Address: Gopalganj Ho, Gopalganj – 841428
Phone no: +(91)-6156-224537

Gopalganj Petroleum
Address: Gopalganj Ho, Gopalganj – 841428
Phone no: +(91)-9431260915

MAA Singhasani Petroleum
Address: Banjaree More National Highway 28, Gopalganj Ho, Gopalganj - 841428
Phone no: +(91)-9431217106

H. P Gas Agency
Address: Thawe, Gopalganj - 841440
Phone no: +(91)-7252185202

Shahi Gas Service
Address: Yadavpur Road, Near Kalistan Road, Gopalganj Ho, Gopalganj - 841428
Phone no: +(91)-7739742848

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Telecom Services in Gopalganj

Today Gopalganj offers pretty good mobile and internet services all across the city. This obviously means that today Gopalganj’s mobile services are looked after by some of the leading mobile service providers of our country. Just to name a few prominent mobile service providers. Then they are as follows: BSNL, Airtel, Vodafone and Reliance. We actually did not even have to mention that all these mobile companies are pioneering leader of Indian mobile sector and their presence in any city guarantees world class mobile service. Talking specifically about Internet services, then internet services is also pretty good in this city. In fact Gopalganj city is one of the many cities of Bihar where full fledged 2G and 3G services are available.

Based on all the above information we can certainly say that while certain utility services are working very efficiently, but few of them are not. The all important healthcare services and transport services certainly fall in latter category. No city can ever aspire to become a developed city if its healthcare services and transport services are in weak condition. Therefore concerned local administrators have to urgently look into the shortfalls existing in this two critical services.

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